August 09, 2008

Sabbatical #12 Thistles, Sin, & Servanthood

Got up and spent time with Jesus and Matthew...going verse by verse. I am convicted to be a "2 Mile Christian" who when compelled to go one mile cheerfully says "Can I carry that heavy load another mile for you?" That's servant leadership..."Lord, teach me to be a 'go-giver'"

Then pulled "thistles" for part of the morning...if you don't get them pulled up before they flower they continue to multiply...I couldn't help but think about sin in my life and how important it is to pull it out when it is young, new, beginning, before it's roots grow deeper and it begins to spread its poison and spread to other parts of the garden of my heart!

As I was pulling thistles my allergies went off the bumps up and down arms, sneezing, the whole deal. I pray that I would be that allergic to SIN!

Drove Deb and Lindsey to the airport and we picked up TJ, Lindsey's boyfriend. How weird does that seem to me. My little girl in a real and deepening Thursday she is flying to Alaska to meet his family. We love TJ and are so proud of his devotion to Christ and the church.

We took the boat out and all of us went skiing and wakeboarding and had a kick! (my muscles are screaming..."too much fun!") Then came back and grilled steaks and watched some of the Olympics.

Started reading "Good to Great for the Social Sector" by Jim Collins. Insightful for non-profit leadership and based on much research.
The book starts with the question "Are you trying to be interesting, or are you seeking to be interested?" There it is servanthood again.

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lindsey. said...

mmmhmmm....good THING you edited it papa walk.


love and miss you!