August 18, 2008

S. #21 Worship in the Park

A brief daily journal with personal thoughts meant primarily for my own consumption.

Spent time with family and friends from Seattle who are at the house. Did some reading in the Word.

Went to an outdoor worship event sponsored by our church in Vernon. A great night of praise at the park that reminded me of our Long Beach Church Without Walls. Had good talks with our Pastor here, his executive pastor, and a guy who is just coming to know the Lord...he owns a sporting good store that I have gone to for years. We ended the worship time with a "How Great is God" under a beatiful Okanagon sky in a gorgeous green park with a stream flowing through it.

After worship in the park we came back and played a new dice game and I lost big time.

Lord, I read more in the "Who am I and What Do I want" book and am asking you to focus my energy, to help me to know what my "holy no's" should be and what my "holy yes's" should be. Grant me insight as I seek you on this matter!

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