August 21, 2008

S. #24 The Agony of My Dream

Matthew, Mark, Luke....finished Matthew, read through Mark, and started Luke. Good morning in the Good Book...God's word is like fresh water pouring over my body, soul, and spirit. Cleansing, renewing, refreshing, reinvigorating.

Deb is in Long Beach until tonight so I have the day to invest.

One dream I have had for the last 15 years is to ride my bike from the top of the mountain at Silver Star to the town of Vernon in the valley. So I said, "why not today?" I knew it would be tough...I knew it would take some time....but "you only live once!"

So under cloudy skies and a cool day, I jumped on my bike and coasted downhill at speeds up to 30 miles an was so fast it was scary. 4,000 feet in 12 miles!

But "what goes down must go up" the 4,000 foot, 12 mile climb began and it was intense...about 3 miles up it began pouring rain...I was drenched from sweat and now I was drenched with grew harder to ride. Trucks were blazing down the hill and there is no shoulder on the road so in a spray of water they would go by me.

I stopped and drank but I had no calories with me. I rode on in increasing pain and exhaustion. About the 10 mile mark I was so out of fuel and the terrain so steep that I walked the bike for at least a mile...willing myself forward step by step. LIVING DREAMS OFTEN INCLUDES AGONY.

Finally, 3.5 hours after I started down the hill...I arrived at our house...Praise Jesus for his strength and help. Although my legs were cramping and heart was filled with victory and satisfaction...the dream in all it's glory and struggle had been lived!

I ate tons of calorie, jumped in the hot tub, crashed on the sofa and recovered.

At 9:30pm I went to pick up Deb and Shelley at Kelowna Airport.

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