August 17, 2008

S. #20 Beauty and a Broken Boat :(

Authors note: During my sabbatical I am using my blog as a brief personal journal of activities, happenings, and learnings. Others are welcome to read but expect simplicity, not profundity.

Shared time with my sister Brenda, partners and friends, Dwight & Shelley Pauls, and Bonnie and David Carpenter. Walked to the village (Silver Star) for cinnamon rolls at our friend, Frank's bakery. Gorgeous day. Walked through the car show they were having in the Village.

Went to the valley to the lake and skiied, swam, laughed, picnic(ed). I read a book by Mick Uklejwa (former pastor and now acquaintance of mine)...entitled, Who Are You and What do you Want? Good insight into understanding yourself and your sweet spot.

That evening we boated to the Blue Heron, a waterside cafe. After a delightful meal, we cast of for our 10 mile voyage back on a full moon stunningly beautiful night at 9:45. Guess what?

The boat broke down (overheated) and we were stranded...finally flagged down a boat and were towed back to the dock....we hit the bar not for a drink but for friendly guy, Craig Edwards from Canmoore helped us out with tools...Dwight and David worked on it for an hour and were able to fix it! Thank you Jesus! Finally got back to the marina where we are keeping the boat and where the cars were. Got home at 1am and fell into bed.

What's going on? Everything we do, something challenging happens. It's making it hard to relax and rest the mind and spirit. But God is bringing us through trial by trial. "Help me to learn step by step. I trust you Lord and I refuse to fear the power of the one who hates me!"

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