August 14, 2008

S. #17 Birthdays and a Very Bad Day

We were celebrating Lindsey's birthday today since we won't be together on September 6.

We got up early and did a long mountain hike...followed by mom's special German Pancakes...then off to the Lake for wakeboarding and waterskiing. Lindsey tore it up on both and so did TJ. I had my best day skiing also.

Then we took them to Turtle Bay Marina and rented a SEADOO for them for an hour...while they Seadoo'ed Deb and I chilled at the outdoor cafe.

But then the trouble started. We drove back to Bagel Lane for Lindsey to eat at one of her favorite places in Vernon. When we got there...we could not find Deb's wallet! We searched high and low and determined it must have been left at the Seadoo place because she paid. She quickly drove back the 30 minutes one way to the spot...NO WALLET! She left numbers in case anyone turns it in. No one is fessing up yet. Our whole lives are in her wallet.

Near panic was setting in but we had tickets to the incredible outdoor theater called Caravan Theater so we had to was spectacular evening in the Canadian hills...miles from anywhere...and the acting was good although none of us cared that much for the play this year.

But because of the wallet it was a somber night. TJ and Lindsey fly out to Alaska tomorrow to spend time with TJ's family and Deb may have to fly home for a few days to handle stuff if the wallet doesn't show up in the next few hours. This is me Lord to know how to minister to Deb...teach me in the tough times to be a rock and to trust you.


Frances said...

OK...I too think there is a theme going on here.....LOT'S OF BBQd RIBS and HOT TUBBING..... but GOOD FOR YOU!!!

First I want to say thanks for loving and caring about God, your church and people so much that you and Deb "stepped out of the boat" and took the sabbatical! Not only will you be filled and grow closer to Jesus and be ready to do His work again, but we as a church family and individuals will be blessed by your obedience to rest!

We have been praying that you don't miss ANYTHING that God has for you!

We love you....
Rollie, Frances, Ben and Andrew

Brandie said...

We are missing you so much and praying that Deb's wallet shows up.

Much love and respect. Enjoy your sabbatical.

The Baca's