August 20, 2008

S. #23 The BIBLE and TV

Helped get the group ready to leave...Deb is doing a quick trip back to Long Beach to deal with the matters created by the theft of her wallet...primarily DMV but other issues as well...thank God for a friend like Shelley Pauls who works for Alaska and is using her vacation to fly down with Deb so that the flight is free.

Spent most of the morning and afternoon in God's's so rich and invigorating just to fill up with the truth.

Took a long mountain hike and spent some quality time in prayer...ran some errands for Deb in the valley. Read some more and watched Olympics.

While I am greatly enjoying having a TV for the sake of the Olympics, I am reminded why I am so GLAD that we don't have a TV in our HOME! The commercials alone are enough to introduce all kind of evil into a home. So many homes are soaked in the atmosphere of sex, violence, greed, pride, sarcasm, lust, anger, pleasure, slothfulness, all because their TV's spew the garbage into their family room day after day.

Praise God for the WORD that declares His paths...they are enlightening, empowering, and embracing of the SHALOM of God. That's the atmosphere I want permeating my home!

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