August 19, 2008

S. #22 God and Gold Medals

Spent time in the some insightful spiritual conversation with the group of family and friends who are here in Canada with us.

Went to Lake and spent an afternoon of reading, skiing, boating, swimming, laughter, and theological discussion with the group. I began reading "Loving God with Your Mind" by the great apologist, J.P. Moreland...excellent read.

Had a special last supper with the group, followed by watching the Olympics. I reflect on how the apostle Paul used the games as a metaphor for his own spiritual development and for the crown of victory that is available to all of us.

Nastia Lukin, of the USA, tied for the gold medal in uneven bars, but through a crazy computer calculation, the Chinese girl was awarded the gold and Nastia received the silver. I am so glad that God's scoring is "grace based" not "performance based"....that God's scoring hands the gold medal to all of us who "tie" by "being found in Christ, not depending on our own greatness but on the righteousness of Christ, HIS greatness".

Grace does not mean I don't train for God's Dallas Willard writes and as I read from Moreland's book yesterday, "Grace is opposed to EARNING but not to EFFORT!"
I can never earn a Gold but I receive it by grace through faith, BUT I need to train daily to live in a way that pleases God...a truly "golden" life of becoming more and more like Christ!

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