August 24, 2008

S. #27 Grace, Peace and Girls

Lindsey and two of her girlfriends from seminary arrived at 2:30am. Praise God for their safe arrival. Lindsey had been in Alaska with TJ and flew back to Seattle and then used my mom's car to drive the 7 hours to Silver Star.

Spent time with Jesus in Luke for much of the morning. Then had a great talk with Lindsey and Deb about her future and her time in Alaska.

Then Deb and I went to the boat. Weather has been less than desirable for boating on the lake. Deb and I swam and I skied. The 3 girls came down from the mountain and Linz wakeboarded and skiied. Then we taught Molly to wakeboard and then read, swam and skiied some more.

I am reading the hugely popular book "The Shack" is also controversial in the Christian world so I thought I would check it out for myself.

Went to church, Saturday evening service and had a good time of worship. Jeremy the youth pastor brought the word...although it was apparent that he was nervous and new in the pulpit, I appreciated that a church as large as Vernon Alliance would allow him to get the experience. His message was on "Grace and Peace" and the fact that so many of the NT letters open with that salutation. His text of Philippians 1:1-14 is a great passage. I asked the Lord to allow me to soak in his grace and peace in new ways so that I can give it away in new proportions.

Came home and bbq for the and 4 girls (Deb, Lindsey, Molly, Kristina) and they are all SEMINARY TRAINED THEOLOGIANS! So it's fun to hear their life stories and their calling and their dreams.

Watched a little of the Olympics and watched the anchor of the USA women's 4x400meter relay team come from behind to catch Russia and redeem her personal 400meter failure. (she had been picked to win but came in 4th. Her failure didn't sink her, it only gave her greater resolve.

God I pray that this may be the case in my life as well...let me receive your GRACE and PEACE in my failures and come charging back with greater resolve for YOU!


Sarah Jo said...

Hi Deb and Larry!

After hearing Karen Blyths teach this morning, I was inspired to write you a little note. I have never, in my years growing up in the church, felt the love of Jesus flow through anyone like the way He flows through the both of you. Thank you for loving me like only Christ can.
From My Heart,
Sarah Jo Van Lant
P.S. Larry, did you know we have the same middle name?!?;)

Unknown said...

I am following Karen's instructions. Although I am not a official member of LLCF I still would like for you to know I am on your team and will be your "backup".

Enjoy your blog.