May 07, 2010


I just returned from Borneo and I have TB...TIRED BUTT syndrome.

Imagine riding 4.5 hours on the back of a motor scooter...then do it behind a small Dayak tribal leader through dense jungle on a path marked by dips, hills, bumps, and narrow planks across marshy areas.

At one point when we had left the other scooter far behind, a thought hit me squarely. Here I am in the middle of a jungle with no one except a man I met last night and his father ate people. I thought to myself, "I just hope he's not hungry!" Not really...but I did know I was way outside the safety zone of life.

Most Americans live a TB lifestyle. They have Tired Butts from sitting on the sofa of life, watching their wrinkles grow. They have TB mouths, that is they TALK BIG but take such little action.

Now I don't believe everyone needs to go to they jungles of Borneo to really live. But you do have to try something new, do something that is a little scary, you do have to do something that is hard, uncomfortable, challenging, unselfish, creative, caring or daring.
You do have to get your Tired Butt off the couch and go for the gusto!

It's not really Faith until you feel a little Fear!

I like the quote, "It's not how many breaths you take that make up your life, but how many moments in life that take your breath away." You don't just wait for those create those moments!

For too many people life is just TB - TOO BORING and that's really just TB- TOO BAD!

May 01, 2010

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