August 12, 2008

S, #15 Learning Nothing

Chores...even on vacations or sabbaticals...there are chores...which I really don't mind that much because as you have heard it said, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"...but "All play and no work makes Jack an undisciplined little brat incapable of deeply experiencing pleasure but habitually looking for the next fun time instead of enjoying all times." Okay maybe you haven't heard the second quote.

After chores...we packed lunches and headed for the lake and spent the afternoon bobbing in the water and swimming and reading and laughing. Came back up the mountain to the house, hot tubbed, made dinner and played "Mexican Train"...a domino game...which Deb won (there seems to be a theme in our family)...and then watched a comedy movie.

I did not learn anything significant today...that I know of...and that is one of my goals is to have a few days where I don't accomplish anything...except enjoy God, my family, my life...and that at the end of that day I would feel just as special and valuable to God as days when I accomplish a lot...OK maybe I did learn something yesterday.

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