August 15, 2008

S. #18 CSI and the Right Heart

Spent time in the word...loving Jesus and receiving his love for me.
Helped Lindsey get ready to go to Alaska.
The four of us walked to the ski village and had a late breakfast at Bugaboos
Then drove to airport and saw the kids off.

Went back to the parking lot where Deb's wallet was lost...spent the next hour and half looking for the elusive wallet....searching dumpsters...talking with people...offering rewards...talking with the police...I kept thinking it's going to be's going to be there...praying fervently....trying to listen as if God was going to show me exactly where it was....but I got no word of knowledge, no vision...just sweating under the sun playing CSI...but to no avail and to great disappointment.

We came back up to the house, read, watched Olympics, and hot tubbed.

God, you can teach me through these me not to waste the frustrations but to learn what you want me to know...I love you, Jesus and these small trials are an opportunity....keep my attitude positive and my mind focused on you.

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