March 07, 2010

Mr. Frost Goes to Washington

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Smith goes to Washington...a classic movie about a bumpkin who goes to Washington D.C. only to be confronted by the twisted morals of money grabbing bankers and politicians.

Although decades removed from the farm I often still feel like a country bumpkin, so it was with both excitement and reluctance that I went to Washington. When I arrived, I was confronted with the spiritual morals of sincere Senators and humble servants of Christ.

The other folks are still there and continue to pull many proverbial strings in their own self-interest. Truth is often a rare commodity with some who are in power. But weaving in and out of the halls of rulership are the few, the brave, the good.

Men like Dan Frost, my friend who has walked holes in his shoes, walking the halls of Congress. Every ministry day he puts on his suit and tie, climbs in his SUV that has 275,000 miles on it, drives 45 minutes, parks beneath the Senate building, and starts walking for Jesus. His mission? To be a friend to people in power; to be the one man who wants nothing from anybody, to be the one person who is willing to listen from the heart, to be an encourager to those who are simply overwhelmed with the complexity of the D.C. lifestyle.

Almost invisible, which is hard at 6'7", Dan is simply there...available for those who may suddenly sense an urge for a friend...friends are hard to find in D.C. Dan is there for those who are open to trust him to pray for them. He is a burden bearer with some of the most burdened men and women in our world.

Having a backstage pass to the halls of Congress, following Dan through the underground tunnels of Congress, greeting his friends in the hallways, weaving our way between flocks of lobbyists, ascending back staircases little used except by the most knowledgeable D.C. insiders, eating the famous bean soup that's been served for nearly 200 years in the Senate dining room, praying in the small backroom chapel that Lincoln prayed in, these were my  joys in our nation's capitol.

Mr. Smith stood for integrity and for service to others and he impacts Washington D.C. and leaves you cheering for the good guys. Mr. Frost stands for integrity and service to others and for the good news of God's love; he also is impacting Washington...and leaves me cheering for this good guy and for God. Cheer with me!