August 22, 2008

S. #25 Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Spent time with LUKE...that is a the gospel of Luke and I felt like Theopholis (see Chapter 1).

Helped Deb and Shelley prepare for meeting with our new caretaker of our homes at Silver Star. This new venture of going out on our own after have had a property manager for the last 12 years is scary. We (the Pauls and us) have to market the homes for ski rentals and run the business at a whole new level. But we really have no choice and we believe we can do it much better than what it's being done. To see the homes visit our website at

Deb is running lead on this and doing a super job. She is a Proverbs 31 lady for sure....thanks God for a great wife who is very sharp, good looking, and loves you and me greatly!

Took Shelley to Kelowna airport and ran errands with Deb...then we just spent some good couple time. I love my wife!

One of the most well known Christian speakers just chose to have an emotional affair and is separated from his wife. What a tragedy! The announcement is rocking the news last week. My motto in marriage is "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" If I can serve DEB and lay down my life for her she will go out of her way to be a blessing to me and we will grow closer as the years go by.

Marriage before Ministry!! That's part of what this sabbatical is about...taking some great time to just go deeper with DEB...she is my first ministry.

Met with Don Kassa (our Canadian realtor) about selling our property since construction prices have become prohibitive.

Came back up to house and ate big healthy salads and watched Olympics.

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