August 10, 2008

Sabbatical #13 "My Father's Lap"

Slept in til up and made coffee...spent time with Matthew & Jesus...Matthew writes some profound stuff about Jesus...I am struck by the pattern in Jesus' life of engagement and withdrawal, intensity followed by leisure, outflow followed by recharging.

Read the rest of Jim Collins' Good to Great for the Social Sector...key thoughts for me..."Great leaders are ambitous NOT for themselves but for the cause...a blend of personal humility and professional will...a commitment to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of the organization. When people see you are motivated first and foremost by the greatness of the work and not self-seeking then they are inspired to follow and emulate your example. I believe the Apostle Paul was a "level 5" leader...powerfully ambitious but only for the church and the cause.

It was cold and raining and hailing on the mountain...throughout the day...beautiful and powerful with lightening and thunder. Walked down to Bugaboos in the village, visited with Frank, our Dutch friend who owns the place...he gave us 4 of his famous cinnamon rolls...Lindsey, TJ, Deb, and me enjoyed them. Deb and I took a long mountain hike, eating wild strawberries, the clouds let loose just as we had about a quarter mile to go...we ran the rest of the way and then hopped in the hot tub in the rain!

Deb and I went down to the village for the wine festival...not to drink but to visit with friends we have on the mountain...saw several friends.

Then went down to Vernon to go to OUR church...Vernon Alliance Church pastored by our friend Stuart McKnight. He is on a semi break...working 4 days a week and only preaching 2 times a period of 9 weeks. He was there, but not preaching. Had a good time connecting with him and worshipping. Len Frank brought the word and it was perfect for me and for the start of Sabbatical. Detailed the difference between living from a Performance model and living from a Relational we see to gain acceptance from God instead of receiving the GRACE of relationship...the Father's love...he brought the chair that his Father sat in all the time and how he was only allowed to sit in his father's lap a few times and when he was...he sat there tense and quietly until his Father fell asleep...he saw himself as an inconvenience to his Father.

In the worship following the message...God showed me how I had never really experienced "my Father's lap". I was too young to remember my daddy because he died when I was two. I was too old to sit on my step-dad's lap once he came into my life. The Lord seemed to show me that this is one of the reasons I have struggled with "performance" issues...having to establish my value through my accomplishments. God invites me to lean back into his chest, to feel the warmth of his arms embracing...not because I have done something special but because I AM SPECIAL to my Father.

Came back up the mountain and watched a movie with TJ and Linz.

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matheny00 said...

Larry and Deb this is my first time to your blog. I hear in your words that God is truly giving you and the family a time of refreshment and a time of direction. It is truly so important to us to be able to truly sit back in our fathers lap and hear His heart beat as we rest in His arms and security. We love you all and look forward to hearing about many more great days of rest and relaxation and how God is moving in this time with Him.
In God's Grace and Love.
Cheryl & Craig