August 11, 2008

S. #14 Conquering the Cliffs

Spent time with Matthew (the book) and Jesus. Good teaching for my spirit...Jesus was certainly a paradoxical blend of tough and tender...blasting Pharisees one minute, bouncing babies on his knee the next...I was touched by his humanity...when he got news that John the Baptist, his cousin, his hero (none born of women is greater) was beheaded, the next thing he does is go off alone and seek His me it has grief written all over it...his heart is heavy BUT he knows where to turn.

Since we had gone to church the night before...we packed lunches and headed for the daunting climb up the ENDERBY CLIFFS! Drove the hour there and started up. Of course Lindsey and TJ had boundless energy but Deb and I were huffing it all the way up the steep and strenuous path. It gets so steep at points that ropes are in place to help you up.

Deb felt like quitting several times but was a real champion...cheered on by the rest of the family. Ever since cancer surgery things like this have been more difficult but she refuses to be stopped. After 3.5 miles (one way) and 2200 feet of elevation gain we reached the top! What a view...we praised God!

After the 5 hour hike we were exhausted. But came home, hot tubbed, bbq'd ribs and then we went to a DRIVE IN...yes they still have them...a country drive in...we watched a double feature... Dark Knight (Batman 14) and Get Smart (Be dumb enough to watch it). Got home at 2am. What a FAMILY Day!

Lessons: Because we were committed to getting together to the top as a Family...we all had travel the pace of the slowest person...while it extended the climb time, it made the summit so much sweeter! I am the guy who likes to race to the top regardless of who I leave behind...sometimes it's more important to get there all together...Lord show me when to say, "let's go" and when to say "let's stay together".


kevin islander said...

Seems like you guys are eating all the ribs in Canada.

love you friends

kevin islander

kevin islander said...

oops, posted response to wrong post. i was seeing a common thread, went home, hot tubbed, bbq'd ribs :0)