August 14, 2008

S. #16 Silver, Sinking, Risking

Spent extended time in the Word...went to lake with Lindsey, Deb, and TJ. Skiied hard...TJ slalomed and did great for a first timer. BBQ'd ribs at the house. Watched Olympics.

The disappointment of the USA Women's Gymnastic team, led me to think of the disappointments in life. How we handle disappointments, unmet expectations, setbacks, defeats, even tragedies...determines how we move forward or backward in life. Most people play it too safe out of fear of failure. They know the pain of disappointment is very acute so if they set their goals much lower then they seldom have to face that pain. But if they go for the gold...they have to risk the possibility of frequent exposure to pain.

I had just read of Peter getting out of the boat...walking on water...what a risk...what a thrill...but when he sunk, he was rebuked by Jesus for his lack of faith...but how much more all those disciples who never dared to try something far outside their comfort zone. Peter goes down as the disciple of Faith, even though his career as a water walker failed. He dared to step out counting the possibility of victory as greater value than the possiblity of sinking!

God help me step out when I hear you say, "Come". He will always be there to pick me up when I sink!

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