August 08, 2008

Sabbatical #11 Goodbye & Hello Friend

Got up early and broke open a new loaf of bread...that is code language for the fact that I bought Deb and I brand new, black leather, gold edge, red letter, names embossed on the front cover, NIV, large print, thin line, non reference, BIBLES! So I started breaking mine in.

Now you must understand this is always a bittersweet see there is the Holy Bible and then there is MY Bible. The Word never changes but the book I use to read, study, and preach God's Word MUST change...I simply wear them out from hauling them to places like Ethiopia...carrying them in backpacks...etc...the binding usually breaks.

So to change Bibles is to say goodbye to old friend and retire it to some shelf of honor.

But it is also like saying...hello to a new friend who holds just as much promise, adventure, comfort, counsel, wisdom, power, and creativity as my last friend.

Over the next 8 weeks I am journeying through the New Testament and the start of that journey was exciting.

Also read another entire book yesterday..."The GO-GIVER" great short book on servant-living. The theme is "The more you give the more you live" so find creative ways to give everyday...understand that YOU are a great gift and by giving yourself away, you can bless others and position yourself to be blessed. "Lord, let me give with an abandonment that blesses everyone in my circle of influence, Let me be open to receiving all you want to give to me directly and through others!"

Finally spent a whole day, reading, relaxing, learning, growing, taking a long walk with Deb and Lindsey....played a game like horseshoes which Deb won on her last throw...I would like to say I GAVE her the victory...but she WON it fair and square.

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