October 12, 2007

Hard to Be Served

Peter thought Jesus had lost his mind. Jesus - the miracle worker, amazing prophet, and soon to be King everything - was doing the work of the lowest slave...washing the grime and grossness off the feet of his friends. Peter says, "You ain't doing me, Jesus...I am not about to let you."

Jesus' reply was world-stopping! "If I don't, you won't have any part of my life". Peter would go on to become one of the greatest servants for Jesus ever. But first he had to learn that Christianity is about being served. Jesus came to serve Peter.

It's "hard to be served". You don't become the "hero" by being served. Instead it humbles you. You have to be humbled to let someone love you, bless you, serve you, even die for you before you can enter into real Christianity.

This Sunday, I will sit through service and watch our Leadership Council serve me and the staff. I will have my feet washed instead of being the one that washes feet. It will be hard for me, but also good for me. (But I am getting a pedicure today!)

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