October 30, 2007

A 50 Year Old Kid

She was about 70 years older than me and she was proud to tell me her age! A slight little African American Great Grandma, she looked like she would blow away if a good gust came up. Her toothless smile looked like it was trying to grab both ears at the same time. But what she said stuck with me like a piece of bubble gum on your shoe on a hot day.

She said, "Age is all about mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." Then she cackled, not a witch's hollow cackle, but a cackle of such delight and genuine merriment that the flowers nearby seemed to start dancing.

50 is around the corner in just a few more steps. But it's not like some character flaw to be dreaded then lied about. 50 isn't a contagious disease, it's the green flag for the next lap of life!

50 is as old or as young I want it to be! 50 can trap me in such seriousness and stiffness that you might as well start measuring the coffin. OR I can choose new dance steps for a new decade.

I can choose to SOMERSAULT my way into 50 and just keep rolling with a childlike cackle that surprises the stuffier old men my age.

50 SOMERSAULTS...I did 50 in a row today and I felt like I was at recess in the third grade again! My MIND said, "You're still just a KID...my BODY said, "Hey old man you haven't done one of those in five years!"

Tonight I am still smiling but also thinking I need a little more practice in "mind over matter".

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