October 05, 2007

Farmer in the Hood

If you don't know...I grew up in Kansas...in the heartland...Joe Moon was the only African American kid in our whole town...we were good friends.

Fast forward 40 years and here I am as far from "rural" as you can get, pastoring an urban church in the midst of "blood" and "crips". I have asked the Lord, "What's a white bread farm boy doing in the hood?"

Recently one of the teens that sometimes goes to our church was shot down...yesterday 3 of the girls in our youth group were at the bus stop when one of their friends shot and killed the other boy standing with them.

My heart is broken for the brokenness of our neighborhood. Meanwhile one of our top anglo givers said..."Pastor I'm out of here with my family because our church has become too inner-city." Is comfort the god we bow before?

I am angry at the sin of the church, the sin of the neighborhood and the sin in my heart.
What can a farm boy do in the 'hood?
Pray? Love? Raise Money? Preach the Light of Jesus? Start a Community Center?
Yes...and I hope our team can impact the 'hood!

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