September 10, 2010

To Burn or Not To Burn

Jesus lived in a culture filled with idolatry, imperialism, cultism, and occultism. However, he never held a "book burning". However, in Acts 19:19 the converted Christians who had practiced sorcery DID bring their books to a public forum and burn them.

So the question, "Is it pleasing to God or offensive to God to burn the Quran?"
Is that really the right question?
Or is the better question, "In our quest to win souls to Christ and fill the earth with the fame of the name of Jesus, is the most strategic move to burn the Quran?"

What happened in Acts 19 is more like converted Muslims throwing out their Quran in the new understanding this it is not the word of God but of a false prophet. For Evangelical Christians to burn the Quran is unnecessary, offensive, counterproductive, and stupid.

Our acts of love and our gentle and clear communication of the gospel, and when necessary our unyielding, courageous stand for the truth of the Bible as God's only revelation, these are subversive acts with great power. Jesus demonstrated that LOVE always trumps HATE, and acts of kindness overcome acts of violence, and declaring truth in love are the most effective weapons against those who disagree and even those who hate us.

Overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

Don't burn books...rather burn with His love and passion for the lost!

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