November 05, 2009

Run, Larry, Run

"Run, Forest, Run." The great line from Forest Gump has become a classic in our house. I read a original and insightful book last week called "Born to Run". A study of the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon in Mexico. They are known as the "Running People". 80 year old men can go out and run 30 miles.

After loving running and running in marathons, I had not run distance in 10 years due to the absence of knee cartilage. It was biking  and elliptical machines in the gym for me. Running even a little distance would create knee and back pain.

However, the book advocated a different form of running. Small strides, landing on the ball of the foot, running barefoot or with only light shoes. Run easily, lightly, smoothly, uprightly, joyfully. The author says, "if you are working hard at running you are running too hard. Running should be natural."

This book was so inspiring to me that I began running barefoot on the beach...(handy have a beach in front of my house.) In just two weeks I am running over 2 miles, with NO back or knee pain so far. What's even more amazing my wife Deb has jumped on board and she ran 2 miles last night barefoot, without pain.

I am so excited and waiting to see if I keep running free or if I run into trouble.

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Sklarsh said...

Run Forest (LW) Run! The Lord always finds a way to bring Joy into our lives.