November 03, 2009


B...O...R...I...N...G!! That's just what this three year old tow head said. He was walking through a fun filled pumpkin patch with rides and games and looked up at his dad and said..."boring!"

I was thinking about his remark and about so many people in our great nation. With more entertainment than ever, with 239 channels from Direct TV, ipods, flat screens, mobile apps, cell phone, blue ray hi def, etc. we are more bored than ever. What gives? 

I believe boredom is a result of one or two realities or a combination thereof. Either you love the wrong things or you have not found enough right things to love. 
Consider the first. When you love the wrong things, you spend your energy on that which ultimately leaves you empty. Like eating lettuce, you lose more calories chewing than you gain by swallowing it. Your mind says "I ate", your body says "huh?" When you love emptiness, you end up bored.  

The second consideration is different. You love the right thing but you don't have the variety of right loves. I love reading my Bible, running, lifting, biking, journaling, reading books, writing, playing games with wife and kids, watching old movies, praying, visiting churches, drinking coffee with friends, and the list goes on and on. Now I don't always feel like doing all of those, but I almost always have a choice between at least four things I love doing and I feel like doing at that moment. People who only have a few loves are frequently bored. 

Predictability is another cause of boredom. If you always know what's next it's easy to be bored. But when you are following an unpredictable leader you never know where he's going to take you next. You don't know what's around the corner. Jesus is in many ways an inscrutable leader who always leaves you guessing about the next bend in the road. Jesus said, "No one knows where the wind is blowing to but we see it's effect". We never know where the Spirit will take us each day is an adventure. 

May God deliver us from a "boring" life. We are walking with our Father through the pumpkin patch of life. What a hoot!! 

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JR Rushik said...

Great post Larry! A wise person once told me that there isn't boring things - only boring people. If you find that you are bored, then it's not the fault of the thing your are doing or the place you are at.

It's probably because you are a boring person. Painful, but true.

We can learn to find enjoyment in everything! ...even in a pumpkin patch.