November 06, 2009

52 Candles

I remember my 10th birthday. I had always been able to blow out all of the candles on my cake in ONE breath. But when I looked at all TEN of those candles I panicked. This was going to be a two breath birthday cake!!

Today is going to be tough. 52 Candles. That will probably be like 5 breaths, especially since my wife often gets the candles that come back to life. I hate those!

Someone has said that "life is not a matter of how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away" I have so many of those, like 2 or 3 a day, that I am often left breathless. Blowing out candles is certainly one of those breathless moments!

One of my favorite quotes is, "Live so your life demands an explanation!" I want to live that unique, daring, creative, passionate, impactful adventure that people look at and say, "Either Jesus is real or Larry is crazy!"

Today I will write down 52 things I am thankful for at the end of this blog, in small font. For the one person who will read them MOM!

Today I will run on the beach, lift at the gym, spend time in the Word, write on a sermon, spend time with family, laugh, write in my journal, pray, kiss my wife, dream of this coming year, read a good book, taste some good food, dance vigorously before the Lord, and sing Alleluia.

Today I will freshly commit myself to God's purpose and call on my life. I will delight myself in HIM!

I am thankful for God's love, God's word, the Cross, the example of Jesus, the beauty of creation, the promise of heaven, the help of the Holy Spirit, my church family, the church of Jesus Christ worldwide, my wife, my birth daughter, my new daughter, TJ, mom, my brother, sister, all my in laws, my close friends, my other friends, my staff, my health, my house, my job, my place in Silver Star, my country, my freedom, my wife's healing from cancer, my education, my mentors, our non-profit LIME, our worship leaders, my friends in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, and Indonesia, my strengths, my talents, my spiritual gifts, my personality, my destiny, my neighbors, my cars, my aunts and uncles. my office, my executive assistant, my fellow pastors, my Free Methodist family, my our business partners Dwight & Shelley, the joy of the HS, the peace that passes understanding, my boat, and LIFE!


Carlos said...

Man your getting old...Just kidding. I hope God blesses you with many more birthdays.

Yesus Gitano

kpkrich said...

Happy b-day pastor Larry!
Jesus is real, you are not crazy. Well, maybe sometimes :o) You are a HUGE blessing. We cannot express how wonderful you are. God has truly given you a gift to preach the Word. What an amazing priviledge! You are a spiritual giant in our lives. We love you!
May God bless you with many more years to touch many more lives.
-Kreng & Panya

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Pastor Larry. Bob and I wish you many more to come. We had such a wonderful time painting faces at the truck n treat celebration, we are looking forward to becoming new members of Light and Life Church.
Rebecca Gonzales
(I use to work at Ramona Park)
Robert Nooner Jr.

mel said...

It's your birthday? Hope you had a happy one!

Sklarsh said...

It is an honor to call you friend. 52 years is nothing because you are only as old as you act. Much Love Larry on your journey to 53. Andy