May 08, 2009

Which Way is Forward?

Which way is forward? 

I saw my friend Neil today. Neil is the most influential leader in America in the house church movement. 

Yesterday I talked with my friend Dwight, a mega, mega church pastor. 

Both are tremendous men of God and both have a very different approach to ministry. 

Which way is forward? 

I talked with a highly influential friend today, her heart is foreign missions because America has so many social programs that can help the poor. 

Yesterday I was with a contractor whose heart is helping locally because God has planted him here and he wants to address the brokenness in his own city. 

Which way is forward? 

One of my friends is full on into evangelism believing God will keep those who respond to salvation. 

Another of my friends believes that evangelism is irresponsible without intense discipleship to ensure that the convert survives and grows. 

Which way is forward? 

A close brother of mine believes you influence by holding small relational training groups that multiply. 

My other brother believes you influence by holding conferences for 1000's who catch the excitment for ministry. 

Which way is forward? 

One friend says, improve the current denominational system. 

The other friend says, blow up the denominational system and start over with the pieces. 

Which way is forward? 

Forward is listening to heaven and responding from who I am and where I am. 
Forward is opening UPWARD to all that God is saying by His Spirit to my heart. 
Forward is focusing UPWARD to keep the eyes of all who follow me gazing at His face.