May 04, 2009


After a long blog hiatus I am back to the blogosphere

I have pretty much lost my voice...again. Overuse. It's frustrating to have thoughts and feelings and ideas and have to sit there silently because talking is so difficult or even impossible at times.

As I was sitting silently this morning I thought of all those in the world who don't have a voice. Who would like to speak up but can not. Who have ideas, and thoughts, and input, and dreams, and insights but they are so disempowered or oppressed that they live in silence. 

Stephen Covey, the famous author of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", wrote a book entitled, "The 8th Habit" and simply stated that habit is to "Find our voice and inspire others to find theirs". I personally think it's a good book and great quest. 

If Ephesians 2:10 is true, "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared long ago for us to do" then every person was created to have a voice. To contribute, to make a difference, to add their voice to the creative choir of praise that God has assembled through humanity. 

Those who have been so abused, oppressed, ignored, deceived, or ridiculed that they have lost their voice MUST have help discovering it and using it. What a worthy mission to use our voice to help others find theirs. 

God, I want to spend my life in the voice development department! When each person finds their unique part and begins to sing unabashedly what a glorious choir that will be! 

Ira Sankey, the great song leader for the Dwight Moody crusades, awoke one Easter morning with no voice. Someone said, "It must be terrible not to be able to sing God's praises this glorious day." Sankey wrote a reply, "Yes, but much more tragic to have a voice but no desire to sing." God give people a voice but especially a heart to sing! 

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