November 06, 2011

A Birthday Poem on November 6

I am nothing and you call me beloved,
You are everything and I call you my life.

I am weak and have need of everything,
You are strong and have need of nothing.

I am foolish and make stupid mistakes,
You are wise and perfect in all you do.

I am a coward and quiver in front of small challenges,
You are courage and fear nothing now or forever.

I am earth bound and locked into a calendar,
You stand over the universe in a timeless realm called eternity.

I am selfish and egotistical,
You are LOVE and give to all who will receive.

I am easily duped and led astray,
You are discernment and divide light and darkness.

I lie and exaggerate,
You are truth and there is nothing but honesty in you

I lust  and crave for that which pleases for a moment,
You desire only what is truly beauty and enduring.

I am often lost and confused,
You are the way and the path.

I am sometimes lonely and abandoned,
You are the unity of the trinity for eternity.

I am the clay and the canvas,
You are the potter and the painter.

I am the page and the stone,
You are the author and the sculptor.

I am the piano and the stage,
You are the composer and the playwright.

I am nothing but have great potential,
You are everything and have great compassion.

Write my life, paint my life, sculpt my life,
Until it is a masterpiece of your making,
A triumph in your honor!

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Unknown said...

This has been a process. I registered with google by mistake intead of registering with the website...and I have to say that I know HATE google. Stupid google. Once I realized that I did everything backwards I finally typed up my comment which I thought was quite clever...then I saw the preview tab at the bottom. What a good way to make sure I didn't have typos or mis-spelled words. STUPID google made my post go away when I pressed preview. So here is the thing, I LOVED the poem. It is exactly how I feel about GOD. He loves when even when I'm hating google and being imperfect. Is that a word? Oh well poets are allowed to make up words. Speaking of which, I noticed that this poem did not rhyme so it makes me wonder if I am really a poet because mine's do. Maybe I can no longer say "I'm a poet and I know it".
Peace to you and your family.