October 12, 2011

I AM DEVOTED (a spoken word)

I AM DEVOTED by Larry Walkemeyer

I am devoted.
I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I have but one life to live and I give it unreservedly to Him.
I am not merely a fan, but I am a follower…
Not a fair weather consumer but a fully consumed believer in Jesus.
He is not my hobby, He is my life.
I have taken my stand, planted my flag, and determined my course.

I am devoted to one God, one Lord, one Master, one Savior.
My devotion is decisive because Jesus alone defeated death.
Therefore, I refuse to veer from the life-giving path of Jesus.

Questions can baffle me, barrage me, and befuddle me
But I will boldly broadcast this basic truth -
Jesus is the Redeemer, the Risen One, The Returning One!

Others can berate me, belittle me, and battle me,
But I will not back down, back up, or back slide!

My devotion is not determined by my emotion, nor by my blessings,
Not by popular opinion, convenience, nor personal happiness.
My devotion is based on unchanging truth, not fickle feelings.

So when the winds of the majority culture howl
And when the storms of adversity attack
And when the siren of sensuality sings to my sinful side
And when the media mocks me with its mischaracterizations
And when the courts mistake my morals as hateful -   
I will not relinquish my resolution,
I will not bow down to the empire of error and arrogance,
I will not patsy to the politics of the power brokers,
I will not shutter my good deeds of love nor silence my voice of hope!

I choose not the tyranny of my feelings but the liberty of my Father;
I choose not the pleasures for a season but the treasures of His promise;
I choose not the softness of retirement, but the investment of my energy;
I will follow where He leads, give what He asks, do what he commands,
Counting as nothing the honor of risking it all to obey His call!

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I have decided.
I am devoted -
Till death us do…
Place in each other's presence forever!

And all God's true church said, Amen. 

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