September 20, 2009

Bob and Grace

Bob is my friend. Without a miracle, Bob may die soon. Bob has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors say there is nothing more they can do for him.

I think of Bob about once an hour during the day. I wake up and pray for Bob during the night. My wife is fasting and praying for Bob.

If anyone deserves to live and beat cancer, it's Bob. He is a servant, a man who lays his life down to bless others.

But life doesn't work on a "what you deserve" basis. None of us deserve a miracle. Every miracle, like every breath, is simply a gift of God, an expression of His grace. Sometimes God heals us here, and sometimes He has a higher plan.

God is teaching me about to pray in faith but then to receive by grace. If God answers my prayer in the direction I was pleading...then that is grace. If He doesn't seem to respond, there is a different grace He is seeking to manifest. The question is, "Am I open to receiving it".

Paul said, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." He was saying, I will receive grace if I live and I will receive a different grace if I die.

The just shall live by faith, and those that live by faith receive great grace.

God, multiply grace on my friend Bob. I am believing for the first grace!


Anonymous said...

amen pastor larry all what you said regarding pastor bob is very true. he has and is standing behind me during my injury and my rhab. and he is my accountabilty partner for my meds. and in general-he is an amazing person. daniel and i have been praying for him. and will continue until further notice .

love your brother and sister in christ lori and daniel hoyte

Anonymous said...

Larry, I was truly touched by your post on my dad. He has a lot of friends, but you are a wonderful friend to him and Im so glad he has you. You helped me understand a lot of things I have been struggling with regarding miricles here on earth why they happen and why they don't. My dad deserves this miricle, please God, give him this miricle as I know he's capable....Thank you Larry for being a good friend to my dad!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pastor Larry for the focus of your message. It is so easy to forget where we are in our Lords plan, however we are never absent from the Lords plan and never out of His hand. God has provided Lina and me with the best friends in Bob and Ruthie. We stand in prayer that the Lord's will is clearly seen and the witness has a deep affect to all that come in contact with the both of them as our Mighty Lord is glorified.

Anonymous said...


We really appreciate your uniting the church for the prayer meeting for Pastor Bob last Friday night.

We are contending and believing with you for the first grace.

Bob & Ruthie are such special friends. We could really sense the depth of love and support for them at the meeting.

Thanks for being such a beacon to us. Both you and Bob are wonderful examples of Christian leaders.

Thank you!

Dave & Deb Chambers

Dave & Deb Chambers

Anonymous said...

Bob is my Husband, Very Best Friend, Pastor, My Lover for 35 yrs!!! I also pray & fast for his healing. Bob loves Pastor Larry & Deb! And Loves serving on staff. He has also discovered his Passion: Being a Chaplain to the race car drivers & their families. He has finished a training manuel, & has trained 3 new Chaplains(his goal is to train 100 Chaplains!) I deeply love my Boaz.T.Y for praying for his healing! R.W.E. & R.W.E (we even have the same initials)