March 02, 2009

Jesus, Mac and Cheese

The white guy with the Ferrari and 5 million dollar golf house was sitting next to the African American woman with the four kids who lives in a one bedroom apartment.

But they both walked forward and signed their box and mac and cheese and put it in the wall.

Yesterday as I taught on Nehemiah 2, 3 I called people to grab a brick and make a difference in our church and community by doing their part to build the wall. Hundreds of folks came forward and committed to do their part.

At the end there was a wall of mac and cheese boxes stacked 10 boxes high. Next week we will give it all away to the hungry or hurting of our urban neighborhood.

Now what struck me was that 2 people as different as the two mentioned above could both make a significant difference in building the kingdom. Where else but the church of Jesus could such miracles take place?

It was a beautiful picture to see people from many different cultures, ethnic groups, and income groups say they wanted their lives to count. I pray that it wasn't just the emotion of the moment or the group think going on, but that people will remember "the walls of Jerusalem!".

Every one has a section. May all of us "put our shoulder to the work" - Nehemiah 3:5.

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