January 12, 2009

Forgetting Myself Into Greatness

"Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity while one wise man forgets himself into immortality" - Martin Luther King Jr.
"If a man would gain his life, he must lose it." - Jesus Christ
The strive to "make a name" for myself is a hopeless, petty, and foolhardy ambition. It colors my "serving" in an ugly hue of "self".
I have "a name" and it's one that is cherished on the lips of Jesus. When I see him face to face, he will give me a new name.
Revelation 2:17 tells us "If we overcome...He will give us a white stone with a new name written on it."
Too often I try and "become" somebody important. The important thing is that I "overcome". I seek to see my name in "white lights" but Jesus is going to write it on a "white stone". Unlike the faddish coming and going of the names of the stars, this engraving will last forever.
Martin Luther King was not out to become someone great, but to overcome something great. He was not out to see his name rise, but to see others rise. He was not out to be a celebrity, but to be a servant.
Mother Teresa lived this style of servanthood also. She said, "Anyone can be great, because anyone can serve".
To give yourself away in service. To overcome on the mission God has placed you on, this is the real way to "MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSELF"!

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Dan Lundmark said...

thanks for that. In my world I hear a lot about 'personal branding'. As in your examples, the 'branding' sometimes comes with serving (and sometimes does not!). Many have served in obscurity and are unknown. I'll try to serve first and leave the fame of my name up to God. In LA, that's counter-culture!