March 31, 2008

Snow and Sand

As I sit here in British Columbia looking out our window as the snow falls on ski slopes that are calling my name...I am reminded that in a few hours I will be boarding a plane to return to Long Beach, CA...where I will look out our window and watch as the waves fall upon the sand in 75 degree weather. The best of both worlds.

I have to ask the question...Am I spoiled or blessed? I know God alone has put me in such a wonderful situation in life. A series of miracles have allowed me to enjoy such privileges that I never imagined. My own ingenuity or power have not created such earthly enjoyment.

Yes I have made financial decisions that have been wise instead of stupid...but I have made enough dumb ones that I could have sabotaged the good ones. So God gave us these blessings, and God has safeguarded these blessings. I believe the PRIMARY reason I am blessed, is to be a blessing....

So I believe that the question of is SPOILED or BLESSED depends on how I leverage these blessings for the blessing of OTHERS and the BUILDING of the KINGDOM OF GOD.

If I consume these blessings primarily for my own benefit...these blessings will in the end be curses...but if I invest these blessings for the Kingdom...these blessings will bless me now and forever. I will ONLY keep what I GIVE and SHARE with others.

So I will enjoy without guilt what God gives but I will stay keenly aware of the priority to GIVE away what I have been given. So LET IT SNOW!

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