January 15, 2008

The Prayer\Miracle Deal

Miracles. Two bona fide, here’s the pictures, doctor-head shaking, read-em and rejoice, MIRACLES!

My sister’s oncologist just announced that she was cancer-free. After having been diagnosed just five months ago with an aggressive cancer that had already spread past the breast to lymph nodes and elsewhere, NOW she is cancer free. 107 of our women had set themselves to pray 107 days for Brenda’s healing and before they got half way through she was healed. She received the news Friday, two days before her birthday. What a gift!

Two and a half years ago, my wife, Deb was diagnosed with a cancer so clear, so rare, and so lethal that the doctors sent her biopsy tissue to the National Cancer Research center. People around the world began to pray. 12 days after diagnosis she was pronounced cancer free! The doctors shook their heads.

This privilege, this partnership, this power called prayer is mysterious but miraculous.
It’s not a wand that we wave that works the way we want it to each time.
It’s a relational conversation that works best when we pray together as friends.
Far from the showmanship hype of money hungry miracle workers, there is a quiet authority that the people of God can band together to exercise against the dark powers of the enemy.

Regardless of the manifest results, there is always a very real response from God that releases His presence into the problem being prayed for.
Of course we rejoice most when it’s a miracle that happens the way we are hoping for.
Nevertheless, prayer releases the provision of God, therefore, let’s take our position and pray!

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