December 04, 2007

Catching My Sister

When I was born, Brenda was already 4. She had a head start on the looks, the brains, the personality, and the talent. I thought to myself, "no problem...I will catch her by the time I am 8!" Nope! I am 50 and she's 54 and I am now 8 years behind in all categories.

And when it comes to understanding and living the Christian journey with depth, poise, passion and beauty...well it seems I am a couple of decades back. Of course I always was the ornery one who exasperated my sister's futile attempts to civilize me.

All of these realities only made the injustice of her diagnosis of cancer seem that much more inconceivable. Yet the last four months have done everything they could to convince me of the reality of the enemy invader.

The losses have mounted...her teaching position, her hair, her energy, her feelings in toes and fingers, her color in fingernails, her appetite. Yet in the midst of the losses...she has only advanced. Her faith, wisdom, compassion for others, sensitivity to God, courage, and passion for life have marched forward.

I mentally conjectured that at least now I would be the better looking of the siblings but even without hair, she's ahead. (pun intended) So as tough as it is for a younger brother to sister is quite a whom I pay homage to. (But I am still glad I stuck gum in her hair during choir practice in 3rd grade!)

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Dr. Peter Robbins said...

I aplaud and am inspired by your love for your sister. So many siblings are deprived of such family communion, for many reasons. Being an olnly child has taught me to appreciate such relationships. It looks like you're appreciating this gift, and not being distracted by its wrapping: cancer. My prayers are for you both...and your families.