September 26, 2007

Songs in San Jose

I've never been called "cautious" and I have never been called a "soloist". But I love to illustrate points with song.

So here I am in San Jose at the HP headquarters last week, taping for CCN's nationwide training series for pastors....big gig for a little guy like I decide to sing a few lines from a really powerful song...this was after an internal debate as to whether I should chance it...but I go for it...and right in the a melodic high point...I forget the words...bam...they are I mumble something like "watermelon" end the illustration abruptly...

Was it a matter of being almost 50? Was it God dropping my "smarty pants" in front of multitudes? Whatever...I hated\loved it!

I have often found at my high points my humanity shows up in profound ways. It's a brutal blessing...a chance to look back and laugh at myself and say afresh..."God's got to work or nothing will work!" The dependent life is dangerous and delightful!

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